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- Declaration for the Protection of User Privacy

This statement of privacy for the service of dittagallizzi.it Gallizzi of Gallizzi Claudio ("Privacy Statement") provides you with general information on the development of the personal information Claudio Gallizzi of Gallizzi relation to this website and dittagallizzi.it service of the Gallizzi Gallizzi Claudio (hereafter we will use the term "Site"). Before entering the site, please read this statement of privacy. If you do not agree with this Privacy Statement please leave this Site

- User data protection and data security

Gallizzi of Gallizzi Claudio is committed to protecting your privacy and your personal information, which will develop in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Legislative Decree 196/2003) and with current standards concerning the protection of personal data

- Consent to Processing of Personal Data

You can withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time. Since the processing of your personal information is necessary to enable us to provide our services and our products, a withdrawal of your consent may lead to a situation where we could no longer be able to provide, in part or in full, our services and products. The Site is technically divided into separate sections, some of which may involve the acquisition by us of more of your personal information, while some other information may be used without the need to develop any personal.

- Transfer of Personal Information

Gallizzi of Gallizzi Claudio will not transfer personal data outside. For reasons of technical and practical information related to the treatment itself, some personal data may be located at the servers of subcontractors or may be prepared by subcontractors, which in any case has fully adhered to the standards of Gallizzi Gallizzi Claudio for the protection of the treatment Personal Data

- How to contact Gallizzi Gallizzi Claudio

You can contact Gallizzi of Gallizzi Claudio at any time to verify that your personal details are correct and complete. At your request, Gallizzi of Gallizzi Claudio will, also pursuant to article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the immediate correction or deletion of any personal information that you consider you an incomplete, inaccurate or outdated . For more information, please contact Claudio Gallizzi of Gallizzi by e-mail at info@dittagallizzi.it In view of the fact that Gallizzi Gallizzi Claudio aims to develop the Site, including the protection of this Declaration privacy may be updated in accordance with changing dynamics of the current situation. Gallizzi of Gallizzi Claudio reserves the right to modify this 'Statement of Privacy' and hopes that you reviewed from time to time the 'Declaration of privacy protection' to take note of any changes. Any further questions and comments on the work of Claudio Gallizzi of Gallizzi as owner / controller of personal data will be sent to Gallizzi Gallizzi of Claudio by e-mail at info@dittagallizzi.it.

- The owner of the data

Gallizzi di Gallizzi Claudio
Legal: Via Resegone, 17 - 20015 Parabiago (MI) - Italy
Headquarters: Via G. Cantore, 22 - 20028 San Vittore Olona (MI) - Italy
Tel +39 0331.51.91.36 - Fax +39 0331.42.46.10

- Responsible for managing files or contact

Mr. Gallizzi Claudioi
Tel. +39 0331.51.91.36

- Purpose of data

The aim is to process customer data in relation to:
1) www.dittagallizzi.it service delivery and related products to the customer;
2) developing and managing relationships with customers;
3) development and management of the service www.dittagallizzi.it and related products;
4) providing the service of added value in service www.dittagallizzi.it and related products;
5) the management of internal and external obligations under the Gallizzi Gallizzi of Claudio, its partners and subcontractors in connection with the service www.dittagallizzi.it and related products;
6) direct marketing and data mining and related activities, such as profiling of customer data for the above purposes of the Gallizzi Gallizzi Claudio.